Purebred Norwegian Red daughter of polled sire, Eggtroen-P   

Polled sires in most dairy breeds are increasing in number with the Norwegian Red (NR) still at the top in polled genetics. Elite polled NR sires have been exported from Norway to over 30 countries. These exported sires are best-of-the-best since Geno can select from the 40%+ of the calves that are born polled in Norway.
Half of the 18 NR sires offered by ABS Global in the US are polled – – 3 homozygous (PP)* polled and 6 heterozygous (P)* polled sires. Six are GS (genomic selected) sires, including sons of the popular Skjelvan, Saur and Reitan 2.

Here are brief descriptions for the 9 US-available polled sires:
  • EGGTROEN-P (10579) High production, udders, health and daughter fertility, caution on heifers. 2nd crop daughters**
  • ENGETOVE-PP-GS (11871) Very good all-around sire, tremendous daughter fertility, fast milk out, good udders. Limited supply
  • HORN-P (11312) Very good udders, good production, great daughter fertility, excellent service sire calving ease
  • KVERNMO-P-GS (11837) High production, excellent udders, tall daughters, caution on heifers
  • MELAND-P-GS (11826) Extremely high production, very good udder health
  • ONSTAD-P-GS (11819) Excellent production, disease resistance and udders
  • RUD-PP-GS (11728) Excellent udder health, daughter fertility and calving ease
  • SAUR-PP (11572) Extremely high daughter fertility and very good udder health
  • SMAAGARDA-P-GS (11864) Good production and high components, great daughter fertility and health, caution on heifers

Numerous countries are exporting these 9 sires and other polled sires including: MELBY-P-GS (11862), KOLBU-P-GS (11872), VIN-P-GS (11782), NYMOEN-P (11060), PRESTHEGGE-P-GS (11854), SKOGMO-PP-GS (11869) and BERGEI-PP-GS (11884).

Many polled NR sires are A2A2 for beta casein, actually… 13 of the 16 polled bulls mentioned in this article are A2A2.

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* All offspring of PP sires will be born polled.   50%-plus of all offspring of P sires will be born polled – – if mated to polled cows >50% will be polled and some of these will be PP.

** Eggtroen had 8314 total daughters including 776 US daughters in the official August 2018 sire summary.

CLICK on bull names in this article to access their individual NR sire catalog pages featuring their TMI (Total Merit Index), casein genotypes (beta and kappa), aAa scores and 46 other traits.


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