Most sold Red breedFour Norwegian Red bulls are among the top 6 Red breed bulls in the U.S. NM$ Top Bull List published by CDCB. In this list of 66 Red breed bulls available in the US, 252NR11078 Gopollen* is #1, 252NR11039 Skjelvan is #2, 252NR11033 Reitan 2 is #4 and 252NR10579 Eggtrøen is #6.

3 more Norwegian Red bulls round out the top 15 in this list giving Norwegian Reds 7 of the 15 top spots.  252NR10177 Braut weighs in at #11, and 2 sons of Braut, 252NR11147 Enger* at #14 and 252NR11085 Kjeldstad at #15.

What is extraordinary about the high ranking of Norwegian Reds in this list is that U.S. NM$ is heavily influenced by PL (Productive Life) – – 19% of the total** – – and bulls in Norway have the handicap of no productive life data from Norway helping their U.S. PL values.

Ranking of Norwegian Red among other Red breeds in the U.S. is not what is driving sales, however.  The realized net income per cow per year in actual herds is.

Gary Rogers, Geno U.S. Technical Advisor, points out, “Based on actual herd data and projected budgets, herds in component pricing markets are making at least $75 more net income per cow per year from Norwegian Red crosses compared to commercial Holsteins.  We have some herds that can easily document $300 or more increase in net income per cow per year from their crosses.”

Geno continues to lead the world in exports of Red breed semen and now has a 23% margin over other Red breeds making Norwegian Red the most popular exported Red breed worldwide.  More details at Norwegian Red Genetics Reach Global High.

* For bulls born after 2015, Geno has rules in place to eliminate duplication of bull names.  252NR11078 Gopollen was originally named Prestangen and 252NR11147 Enger was originally named Sole, but were assigned new names since these names were already used.
**NM$ (Lifetime Net Merit) is completely described on the CDCB site and is made up of 10 PTA/trait categories.


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