By meeting the demand of the world’s dairy farmers for healthier, more fertile, more profitable cows, the Norwegian Red is now the number 1 choice of Red breeds for dairy farmers worldwide.

The Norwegian Farmer’s Newspaper “Bondebladet” reports that in 2014, 17.2% more Norwegian Red semen was sold internationally than Viking Red semen in 2014. “That’s an important milestone for us, because we are now the world’s largest supplier of Nordic red genetics,” says Tor-Arne Sletmoen, manager of Geno Global.

Read the article in English here.

The balanced Norwegian Red breeding goal, emphasizing functional and production traits since the 1970s, has resulted in excellent production combined with world-leading performance in health and fertility traits.

In the U.S. Norwegian Red sires are producing extremely robust and profitable 3-way and 2-way crossbred daughters. It is very popular in the U.S. to breed Norwegian Red to Jersey x Holstein dams. In fact this cross is trademarked by ABS Global as CMS (Crossbreeding Management System™).

2-way crossbred daughters (Norwegian Red x Holstein) are also getting noticed and increasing in numbers in the U.S. Key facts about 2-way crosses sired by Norwegian Reds are:
• Similar to top Holsteins for protein and fat yields
• Higher in fertility – the lowest Norwegian Reds are better-than-the-best Holsteins
• Smaller than Holsteins (mature NR cows average 1350 lbs. and 54” tall)
• Healthier: increased resistance to mastitis and other diseases

Norwegian Red will definitely increase the level of health and fertility in all crossbreeding programs and will give dairy farmers increased profit and reduced workloads.


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