Net Merit* (NM$) rankings for Red breed bulls available (April 2017) in the US, show Scandinavian Red bulls at the top. Five out of 7 top NM$ Red breed bulls are proven Norwegian Red sires.  No surprise that 2 of these 5 are sons of the popular Braut – – Gopollen** and Enger**.

Rank      NAAB code and Name            NM$

No. 2      252NR11033 REITAN 2                   866

No. 4      252NR11078 GOPOLLEN               840

No. 5      252NR11039 SKJELVAN                837

No. 6      252NR10579 EGGTROEN              785

No. 7      252NR11147 ENGER                        746       

Here are some high points of these 5 bulls:

REITAN 2 (11033) – Outstanding production, udders and resistance to mastitis and other diseases, caution on heifers

GOPOLLEN (11078) – Great all-around sire, outstanding udders, excellent production and fertility, plus very good calving ease. Son of Braut

SKJELVAN (11039) – Extremely high production, very good udders and excellent maternal calving ease

EGGTROEN (10579) – Polled, high production, high udders and great daughter fertility. 2nd crop daughters.  Sexed semen available.

ENGER (11147) – High production, very good udders and good calving ease. Sexed semen available. Son of Braut

Check out these and other proven Norwegian Red sires and genomic selected (GS) sires on the Geno Global website and on distributors’ websites.

*Net Merit $ is key US total merit index used for ranking sires for expected daughter lifetime total net merit or profit. See full definition here.

** Two Braut sons (Gopollen and Enger) were originally named Prestangen and Sole which were names already used internationally so their names were changed to Gopollen and Enger. 

Purebred Enger daughter

Purebred Reitan 2 daughter

Purebred Skjelvan daughter

Purebred Gopollen daughter

Purebred Eggtroen daughter


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