You undoubtedly have more than one crossbred cow that you could nominate, but nominate one – – right now – – since SHE could be the winner!

  1. Go to The Dairy Crossbred Blog for more details.  Here is last year’s voting
  2. Or, email Mark Birkett at with the following information:
  • Pictures of your cow in her current lactation (or as recent as possible)
  • Sire breed and the rest of her breed make-up
  • Production data
  • Other non-production info that make her an outstanding crossbred cow

 Mark is accepting entries through mid-May, so don’t delay!

This contest is a great way to show the world how some favorite crossbred cows are more-than-earning their keep with production plus… (you fill in the blank).   It’s also another great feature of  The Dairy Crossbred Blog that continues to fulfill its motto of being “An Independent Look at Crossbreeding.”

Jon Lundgren, the creator of this blog, recently launched another service to crossbreeders and those interested in crossbreeding: the XBred Xchange at:    Thanks, once again, Jon!


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