genoBULLetin is a publication of “all things Norwegian Red.” The spring 2012 edition is available at genoBULLetin 1-2012.

The bulls: 10 to 12 Norwegian Red (NRF) bulls achieve elite status in Norway each year, some of which are exported to 20 countries throughout the world. The two elite Tranmael bulls are featured in this spring 2012 genoBULLetin.

The breed: It’s a designer dairy breed constantly being improved to transmit increased fertility, restistance to mastitis and other diseases, survival and percentages of fat and protein. Read the stories of producers who have used the NRF for crossbreeding in Italy and Scotland in the spring 2012 genoBULLetin. The Italian story is told by Norwegian producers touring Italy who found the NRF crosses doing very well under “hotter” rations than what are available in Norway.

The people: 12,000 Norwegian dairy farmers of the Geno Breeding and A.I. Association are committed to using 40% test (young) sires and to the oversight of the Geno scientists and Geno Global* company to make the Norwegian Red breed even more robust and revelant for use by the international dairy community. The “Tranmael bull story” in the spring genoBULLetin is the story of two Norwegian producers, Solveig and Torbjorn Tranmael (aha! – bulls get their names after the farms they were born on). The “How to breed for the trait of milking speed?” and “Mastitis is negative for fertility” give perspectives of a Geno livestock consultant and a Geno scientist into breeding program plans for the future betterment of the breed.

What is striking to those of us outside Norway is that the Geno motto “Breeding for better lives” is being lived by the robust Norwegian Red breed in Norway and by the people who care for these cows – – more “trouble-free” cows makes for less management inputs and headaches.

*Geno Breeding and A.I. Association is a cooperative
organization owned by 12,000 Norwegian dairy farmers.
Geno Global is owned by Geno and is in charge of all
the export of Norwegian Red (NRF) sire semen. Geno
Global has subsidiaries in Italy and the UK. The company
cooperates with distributors and sales companies in various
other countries such as USA, Holland, Ireland, Germany,
Poland, Colombia and Israel.


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