Tom Dunne

Tom Dunne

Why would a 4th generation, Irish dairyman commit to using Norwegian Red (NRF) for crossbreeding on his Holstein-Friesian cows? His answer after 15 years is “crossbreeding with Norwegian Red has resulted in easier management and more profit.”

Tom Dunne of beautiful County Cork, Ireland carefully looked at research on various breeds on the Internet before choosing the Norwegian Red.    A lot was at stake since his dairy farm has been in the family for 4 generations – – started by his great-grandfather in 1800’s.  His research on the Internet convinced him of the superiority of the Norwegian Red over other breeds for grass-based dairying – – the information and the reliability of the information about the NRF seemed as robust as the breed itself.

Below are some of the accolades that Tom has for his Norwegian Red crosses.  Click to hear Tom’s own words about his successful NRF experience in a 3-minute video.Tom Dunne NRF crosses

  • We have excellent fertility now – – more than 90% of our cows are bred in the first 21 days of the breeding season.
  • Last year 72% of our cows calved to 1st service.
  • The NRF are very suited to the grass-based milk production system in Ireland – – these are medium-sized robust animals that hold condition very well.
  • They have to and do survive harsh weather especially rain in the springtime.
  • They have very good milk yield and can compete with the Holsteins as far as milk yield is concerned.
  • The Norwegian Red is a very suitable animal for crossbreeding, particularly on the Holstein cows.
  • Crossbreeding with NRF means that you have more females coming into herd, you can expand at a much faster rate, you don’t have to buy any surplus stock, in fact, you  have surplus stock to sell.
  • Most important traits for NRF are their fertility and health.
  • Our veterinary calls are practically non-existent since we started using Norwegian Red.
  • Our Norwegian Red crosses have excellent feet and legs.
  • Extremely easy calving – – we haven’t used a calving jack for a number of years.

In summary, Tom says, “all of these things lead to easier management and more profit.”

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2 Responses to Crossbreeding with Norwegian Red for 15 years in Ireland

  1. Kanda says:


    Am Kanda, I planing for a dairy farm India (Tamil Nadu). Am impressed on your crossbreed cows. Is it possible that cows can be import in India. If yes the climate will be fine for cows. Kindly reply to my mail ID.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your interest in Norwegian Red crossbred cows.

    It is not possible to import crossbred cows directly to India by our company at this time but we may be able to provide semen from Norwegian Red bulls so that you can produce Norwegian Red crossbred cows.

    Please fill in your contact information at to obtain updated information on the possibility of shipping semen to India and perhaps info on who you can contact in India for help with this matter.

    As you likely know it is necessary to have proper health documents between the Indian government and Norwegian authorities to move semen into India.

    Thank you for inquiring about Norwegian Red crossbred cows – – they are performing very well in over 25 countries. These crossbred cows are the product of farmers breeding their existing cows with imported Norwegian Red semen.

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