ABS Global is the exclusive distributor of Norwegian Red genetics in the U.S. and Canada.  So… ABS Global and Geno Global team are sharing booth 6500-6501 at the World Ag Expo, Tulare California – – Tuesday, Feb. 9 through Thursday, Feb. 11.

Booth 6500 is in the Farm Credit Dairy Center near the east/SE entrance. Be sure to stop by the booth to ask any questions you have about Norwegian Reds, since ABS Global and Geno Global employees will be happy to field your questions. Gary Rogers, Geno Global global technical advisor, from Tennessee and Lars Kristian Bredahl, Geno Global VP for Business Development, from Norway will be in the booth for most of the show.

What questions do you have?

  • Give me the facts behind the claim “the Norwegian Red has the best fertility among dairy breeds?”
  • What is the average stature of the breed?
  • How are Norwegian Red crossbreds producing in the U.S. and elsewhere?
  • Incidence of mastitis and other diseases? (NOTE: direct selection against many diseases in this breed in Norway)
  • Can I pick bulls for hoof health? (NOTE: claw health index is available)
  • What are results of research of Norwegian Red crosses versus purebreds?
  • Want to know where to find a herd with lots of Norwegian Red crosses in it to visit?
  • Who is my ABS rep?
  • Any genomic-tested sire? Sexed semen available?…

All current or just-considering-it crossbreeders welcome! Find out how Norwegian Red sires can give you a winning second half in your dairy career. (Editor aside: Congratulations, Denver Broncos, winners of Super Bowl 50 for successful execution in the second half to pull off the win!!)


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