Combined ABS & Geno Global AL 153-155 booth, Monica Richardson of ABS & Cedric Øglænd of Geno Global at booth AL 153-155

Visit ABS & Geno Global in Coliseum AL 153-155 booth, Monica Richardson of ABS & Cedric Øglænd of Geno Global

Looking for information on how to obtain Norwegian Red semen? For many of the 30+ countries where this product is imported, ABS Global is the distributor. The location of the combined ABS Global and Geno Global booth at World Dairy Expo is the Arena Level of the Coliseum in spaces 153-155.

ABS is the world‐leading provider of genetic improvement solutions and reproduction services that help customers PROFIT FROM GENETIC PROGRESS. Marketing in nearly 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technologies since its founding in 1941.

Geno Global experts, ready to answer any questions you may have about the Norwegian Red, will also be available at Expo working with ABS Global. But if you don’t see Gary Rogers, Geno Global Technical Advisor, or Lars Kristian Bredahl, Geno Global VP for Business Development, send them an email at or to arrange to meet.

Exciting new genomic selected sires as well as daughter proven Norwegian Red sires are now available to international markets. These bulls rank high in TMI, the Norwegian Total Merit Index, indicating a profitable combination of production, with world-leading fertility and health.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin – a celebration of the journey from a small World Food Expo in 1967, to the internationally renowned show and exhibition of today. Geno, Norway’s cattle genetics cooperative, is also celebrating its record global sales of Norwegian Red genetics. Geno leads the world in exports of red dairy cattle semen with a 23% margin over other red dairy cattle breeds.

“We have seen the Norwegian Red breed grow in popularity year-on-year but with particularly rapid increases in the past three years,” says Geno managing director Sverre Bjørnstad. “Producers worldwide are looking for a consistent herd of well-balanced cows that are strong, healthy, reliable and with excellent milk production. I am sure that is why we are seeing the Norwegian Red breed outselling other breeds for crossbreeding programs.”

Allow ABS Global and Geno Global help you celebrate this special 50th anniversary at Expo. Come share your stories of successful crossbreeding with Norwegian Red or let us help you get started in crossbreeding with this amazing breed!


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