Braut achieved record sales and popularity

Braut achieved record sales and popularity

Braut (252NR10177) has long been one of the most popular Norwegian Red bulls worldwide, but at 14-years-old the time has come for him to be taken out of production and put into retirement. No other Norwegian Red bull in modern times has produced as he has – 476,451 units of semen – plus he has thousands of daughters in many countries outside Norway.

Braut is the most honored bull in Norway and was voted as the Bull of the Year twice by the The Dairy Crossbred Blog in both 2013 and 2015.

Wes Bluhm, now the Genus ABS Global Crossbreeding Manager, was not surprised that Braut won Bull of the Year twice. “Braut has shown himself to be an ideal sire in crossbreeding systems in the UK and many other countries. Many producers are looking for easy keeping, compact, sturdy cows that fit their systems. Braut fills the bill; owners describe his progeny as ‘peas in a pod’. Braut also has the added advantage of extremely high fertility. As a breed, Norwegian Red has put emphasis on fertility for 40 years and Braut is among the best.”

The qualities that made Braut great have been passed down to his sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons. Although Braut has been in such high demand, his October 2016 Norwegian Total Merit Index (TMI) is 3 and is eclipsed by many of his descendants.

Due to generation-interval-trimming genomic selection, Braut is appearing in the pedigrees of some genomic selected (GS) bulls back 3 and 4 generations. Compare the TMI of Braut to his best sons and grandsons featured below. Genomic selection has allowed the selection of “the best of the best” of Braut.

Sons available internationally

Braut’s most popular son currently distributed internationally is Gopollen (11078) with a Norwegian TMI of 37. Gopollen has a well-balanced trait profile with good production and outstanding for udders (udder index=130), legs and fertility. Gary Rogers, Global Technical Advisor for Geno, calls Gopollen “a must-have sire for breeding programs who are using Norwegian Reds.”

Enger (11147) has a TMI of 16 and is selling very well internationally. Enger is slightly better in components but not as high in functional traits compared to his brother Gopollen. But Enger’s total package makes him a good all-around bull like Braut.

Grandsons available soon

Vik (11471), a grandson with a TMI of 29, is an elite sire in Norway and may soon be available to the international market.

Exciting GS great grandsons may be coming to international markets in the summer or sooner. These include polled Onstad (11819) with TMI 37, Straaumen (11839) with TMI 29 and polled Skogseth (11853) with TMI of 51. Great, great grandsons available in the same time frame are Hustad (11817) with a TMI of 38 and Knappholen (11833) with a TMI of 33.

Additional proof that genomic selection speeds up genetic progress is seen in some young descendants of Braut – – some sons of Gopollen and Enger have been genotyped with the oldest being about a year old and with high TMI.

Braut will be missed

Although Braut has been taken out of production, his descendants are producing and on track to become major contributors to the Norwegian Red population and to many crossbred herds around the world.

Wayne DeBuhr, North American Dairy Brand Manager at ABS Global says, “Braut will be missed but he has served everyone well and made a lot of happy customers.”

The long-lived Braut will live on in the Norwegian Red population!


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