Crossbreeding: Finding the Cow that Works

Let’s be realistic, “Finding the Cow that Works” in the wide world of dairy crossbreeding is not an easy task and will vary depending on your goals and present dairy situation. This blog will help you decide if the Norwegian Red breed is right for you.

What questions are you asking in your quest to find the right breed for crossbreeding in your unique herd?

This blog,, will focus on how the Norwegian Red breed will fit as the second or third breed for the crossbreeding you will be doing in your herd. Each blog posting will be brief and will answer questions that many of you are asking. Your blogging back to us will help us to more directly address needs and herd management goals.

The Norwegian Red is being offered in many countries across the globe as an ahead-of-the-curve solution for many problems facing dairy cattle populations today. It’s like the Norwegian Red farmers’ cooperative, Geno, started building a fertile, healthy, robust and productive cow in the 1970’s to address critical needs of the dairy industry in 2011!

The employees of Geno Global stand ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best Norwegian Red genetics available.

Joan Cooper, Webmaster
On behalf of Geno Global employees and crossbreeders worldwide.


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